Dare yourself and contribute to the real world support for cancer survivors

Breast cancer is an extremely dangerous disease that is found especially in the women who are over 50 years of age but in rare cases, younger women can also be diagnosed with this invasive approach. This disease can be treated in the early stages and can be prevented from getting to the other body parts. When someone caught by this, it becomes so hard to survive. It leads to the stress for the patients and the family as well. To get a treatment, it costs much. So we are working for the cancer patients and their families as a Breast Cancer Foundation to bring some happiness to their life. Dare2Tutu is a fundraiser project which asks people to join and raise the funds for cancer survivors. For this project, you just need to buy a tutu and other Breast Cancer Clothing from us, wear it and take a picture, the fund raised by the project will be donated to the welfare of patients and their family.

If you are free-spirited, love giving, then join the initiative and show your support. For those who are the part of the schools, team, or any kind of small business, there is an advantage that they can bring more support by driving the fundraising efforts through the community. You can buy the tutus, t-shirts and other Breast Cancer Gifts at our store. We believe that if we all do efforts together, then we can reduce the stress and ease the financial and emotional burdens that come along with the diagnoses.

Breast Cancer Clothing